No, Thank you!

In the gathering room, we have a little chalkboard that hangs up on the wall. Nothing special, just something to welcome our guests with while they grab their breakfast and mingle with others. While cleaning up breakfast  the other day, we saw a note written on our chalkboard. It was just a sweet little note thanking Sue with the addition of a drawn on smiley face. It made us smile.


We love the compliments that we constantly receive. We hear these wonderful comments in the gathering room over breakfast, in our online reviews, in the guestbook, etc. We appreciate them not because it’s complimenting the job we do, but because we genuinely care about our guests and we try to exceed their expectations every day. It is very rewarding when we see or hear these compliments, because then we know that our efforts are not for nothing. It pushes us to excel and keep doing what we’re doing.

We appreciate the wonderful comments and the constant giving of thanks, however we stay humble in those moments because we much rather give those “Thank Yous” and comments to our guests. They are the reasons why we are here. They are the ones that bring us joy and puts smiles on our faces. They are the ones that make us want to surpass our own efforts and expectations. Our guests are what make it worth it, so we much rather thank them.

“Thank you for choosing Meris Gardens! We appreciate our guests for making our time here just as memorable and special as it is for you. To all of our new and returning guests, it is always a pleasure when we can be a part of your getaways and special occasions. Our time spent with our guests at Meris Gardens always puts a smile on our faces and a warmth in our hearts. so…

                        No, Thank you!