Young guests, New Experiences

Since our doors reopened in April, it has been quite the pleasure seeing our guests join together in the garden and over breakfast.

We have several families coming through, and it has been a joy watching them enjoy our amenities, garden, and sharing their stories about the beach.

We especially enjoy seeing children come through and observe our one of a kind B&B. They walk up to our establishment with wonder and caution as it is surrounded by trees and flowery gardens as they are anticipating the beach experience.

Shortly after arrival, they become accustom to the sights and sounds of Meris Gardens, and they grow fond of their new surroundings. That is when they become aware that this is just the beginning of an exciting and adventurous experience.

We had two sweet and adorable little girls over the weekend that shared those wonderful experiences with us as well!

Special Thanks to Soman & Remy for sharing their experiences with us!

If you and your guests would like to share your experiences with us, feel free to send your photos in to: